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MP in garlic Raj., Guj., U.P. According to the inward-recessionary environment, prices range from 3500 to 9000

Ratlam 19 December (Motilal Bafna). According to the arrival of garlic in the mandis of garlic production regions of states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh etc., there is a slowdown in the atmosphere because in some states, due to the cold, garlic is getting pocha (light) so that the quality of garlic Looks weak. Madhya Pradesh Garlic Sale Mandi Chhindwara (Nagpur) Neemuch, Pipalyamandi, Mandsaur, Dalauda, ​​Javra, Sailana, Ujjain, Indore, Badnavar, Badnagar, Piploda, Barvada, Sihor, Narsinghgarh, Vyavara, Shajapur, Sarangpur, Sujalpur, Ashta, Bhopal, Asli Bhopal Light goods from 3500 to 4500, average goods from 4500 to 5500, big super solid goods from small and large from 4500 to 6000, big goods from 6000 to 9000 according to quality and above, in some mandis the best super hard raw materials from 8000 to 11000. There is talk of selling till the quintet. In Rajasthan, according to the quality, in goods mandis from 4000 to 7000 and above the super goods Rs. 9000. There is talk of selling around per quintal. Due to weak subscriptions in the country’s sales circles, garlic is going through a fast-slowing environment. In most of the sales mandis of the country, traders sending merchandise and selling cut cut in domestic trade are facing difficulties in the business because they sell from commission on commission of 4 to 6 rupees. A commission has to be paid on a kilo per kg, while on the purchase of domestic goods, it costs Rs. 1 to 3. The difference of kilo remains in earning profits by selling goods. Due to this, there is a discussion that the trade of most of the merchants on sale has become weak. According to Garlic quality in the mandis of Gujarat, there is a discussion about the price being around 4500 to 6000 according to the quality. In Uttar Pradesh too, there is talk of doing business only at the price of such situation. On the one hand, there is also a discussion that the traders of the domestic market are maintaining the market of garlic due to more holidays in the current mandis in the week. But when the arrivals increase due to the good amount of productive farmers, then that week There is a discussion in the market that garlic becomes loose in the market and attempts are made to improve again when the arrivals are low. 500 to 1500 in garlic after Diwali. There is also talk of a slowdown per quintal. Because in the next few months, in January, the arrival of new garlic can be a good start. Firstly, the possibilities of increasing the arrival of new Ooty Garlic in Madhya Pradesh in the month of January will increase the arrival of indigenous garlic, due to which now there is a discussion about the possibility of a long boom in garlic, which the business class considers less.

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