खेतिहर देश मंडी भाव

New red chilli arrivals in Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka will be strong in a few days, from 2000 to 44000 in Karnataka, A.P. And T.G. State from 3500 to 18000

Ratlam 8 January 2021 (Motilal Bafna). Due to rain in the red chilli production states of the country, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh etc. for a long time, there is a discussion that the damage to chilli crops can occur somewhere and late crops can be vigorous. Right now, according to their respective traders, they are giving their respective reports on the information and prices of crops, which is under discussion. The market for red chillies is not yet decreasing in the mandis of production areas due to the discussion of good demand for exports in some varieties of super and deluxe goods in the old red chili which is cold store and the demand for export demand and chilli in the coming days According to the market there may be a climate of recession and there is a discussion that today in Goontur Red Chilli Market, there is a discussion of about 300,000 bags of AC goods cold and 12000 bags of new red chillies. In red chillies, new and old red chillies Teja, H10, 334, DD, 341, 273, Sangheta, 355 Bedgi, 4884, Burst Variety etc. goods are coming new and old, in which new goods also have Renutch (rainy) goods. According to the quality, the goods burst from 4000 to 8000 11000 to 18000 per quintal and red goods. There is talk of selling quality per quintal. Cold and new chillies are also coming in the markets of Vernargal, Khammam etc. in Telangana, which is coming in small quantities. In some mandis of Telangana, there is talk of new red pepper arrivals starting in the month of February. In Karnataka, the goods coming in the mandagis (Bedagi, Hubli, Gadak) etc. are gradually decreasing and the procurement for the spice industry stocks in the said goods is going on strongly there. D.L. There is a discussion of selling some goods from 30000 to 45000 in the above chillies of deluxe, medium, best, dubi etc. There is also talk of selling one or two lots around 45000 to 50000. That pepper goes to the local local demand there. Rest of other quality chillies, Guntur quality and other varieties and ripped chillies, all varieties cost 2000 to 30000 rupees. Gadkak, Hubli, Bedgi etc. are discussed in the markets of the area up to a quintal. The new red chilli arrivals on the Bellary side are slowly increasing, and there is a discussion of selling chilli in bed and other mandis. The goods are sold at lower prices than local local goods. Because there is a problem of keeping Bellary pepper for one year, such business remains in the discussion. In Madhya Pradesh, the arrival of chilli is less or sometimes more on the market day, where there is a discussion about the sale of pulses and dandycuts from 8000 to 18000 according to the quality. There is also ripped merchandise which is a discussion of trade according to quality.

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