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Andhra And new red chillies in Telangana from 8000 to 17000, tomato peppers up to 17800

Ratlam 20 November (Motilal Bafna). Andhra Pradesh, Telangana’s new red chilli arrivals major markets are Guntur, Vargnal, Khammam, Hyderabad, Mehboobabad, Yeminnur, Prakasam, Tadepalligudam, Nandiyal, Kurnool etc. Major mandis of districts Andhra Pradesh and Telangana chilli quality Teja, DD, 355 BYD, 5531, BYD, 273, No.5, 4884, X10, 2043, Swarna BYD, Kavach All Quality of Burnt Quality Chilli including new and old cold store from 8000 to 17000 in General Bhav and other mandis Tomato Quality 17800 Rs There is talk of selling till M.P. in Madhya Pradesh In the weekly Kisan Mandi of Kedis, Kukshi, Manavar, Dhamnod, Rajpura, etc., there is talk of trade of many varieties of red chillies, mahi, 12 numbers, myco, yellow chillies etc. from 7000 to 16000, including battered and dandikut quality and ripped chillies. Businessmen of the country are in a state of confusion due to the discussion of giving information about the crop from their perspective about the production of chilli, because there is a talk of loss of crops due to rains till Deepawali in Madhya Pradesh. Because the last break from the rains is in the fields of chilli, if it gets a little rain at the last minute, then the break increases. By the way, the goods will be revealed only when the material is dried about red chili. But in a discussion, due to the export of super goods, many traders in the country are less likely to see a slowdown in red chillies, so some traders believe that there may be a slowdown in the arrival of chilli arrivals. Right now the whole game of red chillies is going on all over the country.

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