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Red chillies in Andhra and Telangana from 11000 to 17000 according to cold chilli quality, tomato chillies up to 19000 in Warragal

Red chilli auction in Gondal, Gujarat.

Ratlam 19 December (Motilal Bafna). Andhra Pradesh, Telangana new red chilli arrivals in major markets like Guntur, Vargall, Khammam, Hyderabad, Mehboobabad, Yeminnur, Prakasam, Tadepalligudam, Nandiyal, Kurnool etc. Chilli market of Telangana and goods of last year in cold stows Goods which are lying in cold storage are sold there and in the mandis, out of which Teja 12500 to 16000, S10, 334- 11500-12800, DD 14000 to 16500, 341-11000 to 16500, 273-12500. 14700, Sangheta 13000 to 15500, 355 Bedgi 14000 to 16500, 4884 – 13000 to 14300, Teja Burst 8000 to 9000, New red chilli water, soft and dry goods also cost 11000 to 16000 according to quality. There is talk of selling up to per quintal. There is talk of Teja burst from 8000 to 9500, Seeds burst from 6000 to 9000. According to the new red chillies and chilli quality of cold storage in Karnataka, there is a talk of selling goods from 11000 to 33000 according to the dubby, deluxe and other quality. There is a discussion of arrival of chillies in chilli mandi like Hubli, Gadak, Bedgi etc. There is also a discussion that the best of Mirchi Super Quality anywhere in Karnataka is Rs 41000. There is talk of selling up to per quintal. There is good demand in dubbed super quality but the arrival of that goods is being reported to be low. There is also talk of losses in some red chilli crops due to rain. There is a discussion that the situation will be known only in January. There is also talk of demand for spice exporters in Super Red Chillies. Madhya Pradesh, Gujra, Maha. There is talk of local red pepper starting there in other states. In Gujarat’s Gondal (Rajkot) mandi, the arrival of new red chillies is gradually increasing and it gives good color to the goods milling. There is also a discussion that the said goods are likely to be sold in the market from 9000 to 17500 in Nilami. Incoming is expected to start well in the month of January.

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