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M.P. A pile of 70 sacks of new garlic in 4800 rupees. Selling in, discussion about new camel garlic in the mandis of the state from 3000 to 10000

Ratlam 01 January 2021 (Motilal Bafna). After the introduction of new garlic in Madhya Pradesh, today, on January 01, 2021, a pile of new native garlic which was about 70 bags was worth Rs 4800 in the Garlic Market of Mandsaur. There is talk of selling around. By the way, in some mandis of the state, indigenous new garlic and in some native and camel garlic new also came today, in which there is a discussion about keeping the native garlic from 3000 to 6000 in general, while camel garlic will cost 5000 to 10000 in Daloda. Selling news per quintal. The above information was obtained from regional traders. Today, there is talk of about 1500 sacks of mixed camels and native new garlic in Daloda. There is a discussion of new garlic in some mandis including Ratlam, Mandsaur, Indore, Neemuch, Pipalyamandi in other mandis of the state. Consignment of new garlic, one or two lots at some places, good dry type was also discussed and at other places small and big mix goods came, which according to quality, one or two lots from 2000 to 3000 light goods can also be made for new goods. There is talk of selling. 500 in garlic in the last week of year 2020 in Madhya Pradesh in old garlic. 1500 to Rs. Up to a quintal, some goods saw a boom in quality. But due to the market not coming faster than that value at the sales centers, the merchant class is doing business thoughtfully. But suddenly 500 to 1500 rupees. Growing in 3 to 4 days per quintal has been a matter of discussion, while a few days later in the month of 2021 January this year, the arrival of new garlic may increase in camel and native garlic. I have told MP in old garlic And since Diwali in Rajasthan, there is a period of prolonged recession which is a topic of discussion but we do not want to discuss them. Because in the garlic market, both a fast and a slow side are always ready. The one who has trouble is also seen discussing among themselves. Madhya Pradesh is also producing new garlic crop this year. And some people are discussing in Rajasthan, which is not yet fully aware of the status of crops. Because of the effect of this on the crops when the rainfall is cold and less, this complete information can be known only after the new crops are fully started. By the way, in some states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the discussion of increasing the sowing of garlic is coming to our information since many days, we write the news according to the immediate situation on that basis. But why do some people try to tell us wrong for what reason? We do not want to dispute this? On the basis of the information we get or information from sources, we try to give accurate information to our well wishers and traders associated with garlic trade. Our only aim is to increase the trade of garlic in the entire country and every state producing farmer can get a fair price for his produce and his cash is also paid on time and do not cheat any merchant by asking for any goods and If a businessman commits fraud, an attempt is made to inform the business world by taking full knowledge of the whole matter. Demand for old garlic will remain in the country till the month of February-March, there is a possibility of demand for new garlic in some places when new garlic arrives.

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