खेतिहर देश मंडी भाव

Demand in exports in Teja Super Chilli, arrival of new goods increased well in Andhra and Telangana

Ratlam 19 January 2021 (Motilal Bafna). Most of the mandis in major mandis of Guntur, Varganal, Khammam, Hyderabad, Mehboobabad, Yeminnur, Prakasam, Tadepalligudam, Nandiyal, Kurnool and other major mandis of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh are in the sale mandis of new red pepper arrivals in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The arrival of new chilli arrivals in Chilli Mandi is coming from the districts of Kurnool, Yeminnur, Prakasam etc. and today there is talk of about 40000 thousand to 50000 thousand bags coming out of which New Teja 14000 to 15300, 355 Bedgi 14000 to 19000, Deluxe 14000 to 19000, Sanghita Bedgi from 13000 to 17000, Swarna Bedgi 13000 to 17000 DD Best 15500 to 17000, no. 5- 13000 to 15000, 273 – 12000 to 15000, 4884 – 10000 to 12500, Tejas and other quality of goods, water supplied according to quality, 3000 to 7500 quality according to AC pepper quality, red goods from 9500 to 15500 and ripped goods according to quality From 4000 to 7000, Warangal Market Wonder Hut 16000 to 18500, Teja 13500 to 15500, 341 – 14500-17500, 1048 – 13000 to 1500, Super Goods of Bedgi Quality New 21000, Cold Pepper Wonder Hut 19500, Teja 14000, 334 – According to the quality around 12500 there is talk of Mirchi prices. There is talk of a rise in red chilli due to the demand in export quality. In the last days of the week ending in Bedia Mandi, Madhya Pradesh, there is talk of around 20,000 sacks of red chillies coming in. In which 80 percent goods are discussed to be light, while the market situation is also discussed in light and average goods are weak. Now the arrival of new red chillies gradually, there is talk of good arrival in small mandis of Guntur, Hyderabad, Warangal, Khammam etc. The arrival of new red chillies is also increasing gradually in Dharmabad, Maharashtra, where according to the quality, there is talk of red goods around 10000 to 14000 and ripped chillies around 3500 to 5500. There is talk of around 1,11,000 bags of single red chilli arrivals in Karnataka’s Bedgi Red Chilli Market. There are chilli arrivals according to the quality of red chilli dubi, deluxe, dubi best, KDL deluxe, best, 2043 deluxe and best quality, DD and redness, where ripped red chillies are covered with water from 1500 to 2500 and red chillies from 12000 to 44000 rupees. . There is talk of selling up to January 18 per quintal.

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