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New and old garlic ended in the week and yesterday and today, the atmosphere of fast, new garlic native 3500 to 7000, camel 4500 to 10000

Ratlam 02 January 2021 (Motilal Bafna). There is talk of some decrease in the mandis of the garlic producing regions of Madhya Pradesh, if it is normal at some places or at some places, it is discussed. In some states like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, UP, Bihar etc., there was a trend of improvement in the goods according to the market quality of garlic due to gradually increasing demand according to consumption. At the same time, due to less inward arrivals in old garlic, there is also a discussion about improving the markets in the week ending tomorrow and tomorrow and today. Old garlic costs Rs 4000 to 8000. There is talk of selling around the general market and somewhere around 9000 per quintal. By the way, in the old garlic states of Gujarat, Maharashtra etc., the goods are running according to the quality. Demand for increased goods in new garlic is good, but due to lack of demand for good full-round type goods in mandis, due to the discussion of good demand, full type goods dry in finished goods week and tomorrow and today Rs 500 to 700. There is talk of fasting per quintal. But due to the strong boom at the sales centers and the lack of subscription, the merchant class is thinking carefully and trading carefully. Medium, Laddoo quality and Gughi average goods are sold and dry new goods are sold daily in the morning, afternoon and evening, between 200 and 500 rupees. It is common to have a rapid recession per quintal. Because the enthusiasm at the sales centers is not being as big as it wants. But after February 15, if the arrival of new garlic starts vigorously, then traders feel the danger of high prices. Because the goods of the previous sowing of garlic may come out strongly, because of the rains in the first sowing goods, there is also talk of damage to garlic crops. Due to which the yield of garlic is also likely to decrease. There is a discussion of gaining momentum in the trade of garlic if it comes in the market in all sizes. New garlic indigenous 3500 to 7000 General Price and one or two lots of large goods are also being sold at high prices and camel garlic is being sold in 4500 to 10000 quality goods. There is talk of good demand in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Mumbai, Delhi etc. in camel large commodities. In some mandis of Rajasthan Kota (vegetable market and Bhamashah mandi), Chhupabod, mercury etc., there is a slight inward arrival of old garlic. Where the old goods are 4000 to 9000 rupees according to the quality. There is talk of having sales per quarter. New garlic, freight and truck expenses at the sales centers of the country, including the quality, the goods are dry and dry, from 5000 to 12000 rupees. There is talk of having sales per quarter. Today’s arrival in Indore of Madhya Pradesh is estimated to be around 18,000 to 20 thousand bags. In some goods, the movement of the market is relaxed and in some dry goods there is talk of having a common market.

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