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Today, around 9000 bags of red chilli in Goontur, M.P. Around 12 to 13 thousand sacks, price from 8000 to 18000

Ratlam 9 November (Motilal Bafna). According to the quality of red chillies in Goontur Mandi today, it is discussed that from 12000 to 1, 000 thousand are sold. On the other hand, Mirchi Teja (S17 Deluxe and Best Goods) of Cold Storage from 16000 to 18000, Teja Medium from 12000 to 16000 according to goods quality, 334 and S10, S4, Sanghatan Deluxe 14 to 14500, Medium Best and Medium 12000 to 13000 Till, no. 5 – 12000 to 14000 and Deluxe 16000, 5531 – 16000 to 17000, 335 – 16000 to 18000, 355 – 16000 to 18000, 341 – 13000 to 17000, DD 15000 to 17000, 273 – 15000 to 16000, 4884 – 14000 to 15000, All this goods is of cold storage and from 4500 to 10000 according to the quality of ripped chillies including Teja Burst. Deluxe and Teja S1७ $ Deluxe were good subscriptions in goods in Goontur Market. In major mandis in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana mandis, Guntur, Khammam, Warangal, Mehboobabad, Yeminnur, Prakasam, Tadepalligudam, Nandiyal, Kurnool, Hindupur, etc. There is a discussion of selling the best quality goods from 5000 to 18000 and up to 19000, according to the goods quality, according to the quantity. . Red chilli crop is produced in many villages of Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh and about 12 to 14 thousand sacks are expected to come in Bedia Mandi including Kukshi, Dhamnod, Manavar, Rajpura, Kasravad in Dhar district where Mahi, Navtej, Shakti 51, Navtej, 2070 arrives, which is also a discussion of trading of 8000 to 18000 pieces of Dandikut goods in the builder, including slag and Dundeek quality. Right now 20 to 25 percent quality goods are coming in the market and 70-75 medium and ripped quality goods are coming. There is talk of good demand from exporters and oil people in Burnt Peppers. Due to the lack of quality (taste) in the Teja chillies of Madhya Pradesh, which is exported abroad, there is talk of less interest in the demand of exporters in Teja chillies. By the way, Teja Super Chilli of Madhya Pradesh started coming well after Deepawali, so there is a discussion that demand of foreign exporters may remain. On the one hand, there is also a discussion that due to poor quality of seed in Kannu area of ​​Andhra Pradesh, the production of chilli has also been affected due to which the quality of fresh chillies may have an impact on red chillies in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc. There are complaints of virus in the production there, this time there is a possibility of 15 to 20 percent crop damage due to the arrival of some places, due to this, there is less chance of more recession in the red pepper market. There is a discussion of new red chilli which is coming in Goontur market, which is coming from Coonool, Yeminur etc., and there is talk of goods with rainy water and price is to be from 8500 to 18500 according to quality.

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